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Gunite Pool Builder

Gunite Pool Builder
Gunite Pool Builder
Gunite Pool Builder
Gunite Pool Builder
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Gunite has a long and proud history in the construction field. It was developed over a half century ago to strengthen and permanently reface and repair ordinary concrete structures.

You can see it everywhere — even on the White House.

The facts of Gunite construction detailed in the “Handbook of Heavy Construction,” published in 1959 by McGraw-Hill. In Chapter 11, Charles W. Sharp states:

“Pneumatically applied concrete (Gunite) is stronger, denser, has a higher specific gravity, has a lower water-absorption index, and generally is more resistant to weather and chemical exposure than conventional poured concrete. These properties are field established facts and have been substantiated in laboratory tests.”

...Pneumatically applied Gunite is superior in strength to poured concrete and/or shotcrete for several reasons. In Gunite, only that amount of water necessary for hydration is added to the mixture of sand and cement. There is excess water in the proportions found in conventional poured concrete and/or shotcrete, where additional amounts of water are necessary to facilitate mixing, pouring, and forming. This excess water serves as a lubricant in poured concrete. However, the additional water does occupy space, and when it finally leaves the curing concrete, minute voids are left behind.

...So it can be said that Gunite is more dense than poured concrete and/or shotcrete. The denseness is an important factor in the superior resistance of Gunite to weather elements and chemical action. Pneumatically applied concrete is highly resistant to the passage of water in any form. A contributing factor to the denseness is the nature of the process. Even though air is used to convey the materials through the hose lines, it is the impact force of the mix particles that reduces the possibility of air voids forming within the Gunite.

“It is felt that Gunite approaches nearly perfect condition for the utilization of the maximum binding qualities of portland cement. The time interval between the moment of hydration and moment of the last agitation is less than 1/50 sec. In poured concrete there may be an interval of 30 min. to over 1 hour between the moment of hydration and the moment of last agitation: this reduces considerably the ultimate binding strength of the cement. The longer the agitation continues after hydration, the less strength will be available from the portland cement... Since there is no agitation to Gunite after it is in place, all agitation takes place during the fraction of a second that it takes the materials to travel from the water body to the receiving surface, thus maximum binding qualities are received from the cement...” The coefficient of expansion of Gunite can for practical purposes be considered nearly equal to that of reinforcing steel. Therefore: internal stresses between Gunite and the reinforcing steel due to temperature changes are kept to a minimum. This is why K & K Gunite Pool Builders, Inc. can offer a LIFETIME STRUCTURAL GUARANTEE on it's Gunite pool shell.

Because of the versatility of the Gunite process, your K & K Gunite Pool is custom designed and site-engineered for you. The exact size, shape, and depth of your custom K & K Gunite Pool is determined by the terrain of the swimming pool’s location, your family’s needs, and your own personal taste.

Gunite Pool Builder Gunite Pool Builder Gunite Pool Builder

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