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Gunite Pool Builder
Gunite Pool Builder
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K&K Gunite Pool Builders, Inc.  Residential Gunite Swimming Pools.

Gunite Swimming Pools can be any shape and any size. It comes with a lifetime structural guarantee.

Basic Pool Package Includes:
  • One set of steps in the shallow end
  • Depth of choice
  • Set of prints
  • Excavation
  • Engineered Gunite pool shell
  • Complete recirculation and filtration system utilizing schedule 40 PVC piping
  • Six inches of frost proof mosaic tile at water line
  • Tile trim on steps
  • Color and pattern of tile to be the choice of Owner
  • White bullnose coping
  • Marcite interior finish - white
  • Underwater light
  • Stainless steel ladder
  • 2 - VGB Compliant main drains.
  • All maintenance equipment
  • Choice of cartridge or sand filter

The pricing of the pool is done after meeting with our personnel at your site. This gives us as an idea of your needs and wants, any construction problems that may arise, access to the site, etc.

Pricing to be quoted.

E.g. 20'x40' = 800 sq. ft., rectangle in shape

Pools that are custom shaped are usually less sq. ft.

Optional items and extras:
  • Pool heaters
    • Gas (Natural or Propane) - This is a standard gas pool heater that is cheaper to purchase, heats the water quickly, but costs more to run.
    • Heat Pump that uses indirect electric heat - The Pentair Heat Pump draws in air (45 degrees or warmer) through the heat exchanger, transfers the heat to warm up a pool up to 102 degrees. The unit costs more, takes longer to heat the water, but costs about 2/3rds less to run. The initial cost of the heat pump vs. a gas heater is made up in the first year of use.
  • Coping stones
    • Brick coping
    • Bluestone coping
    • Natural stone pavers
  • Automatic Cleaners
    • The Caretaker System - "Built in" in-floor cleaning system that runs all the time with no need to shut it off.
    • Lengend cleaner - Pressure side cleaner that should be removed when pool is in use.
  • Lighting
    • SAm light which has a color wheel built in to change the color of the water.
    • Fiber-optic accent lighting.
  • Covers
    • Installation of Under track Automatic safety pool covers.
    • Merlin brand Winter safety covers.
  • Other
    • Custom Gunite spa complete with its own equipment package
    • Water falls
    • Fountains
Work Not Included:
  • Building Permit
  • Electrical and pool grounding
  • Excavated materials removed from job site
  • Fine grading and seeding of disturbed areas
  • Decking
  • Fencing
  • Gas hook-up for pool heaters
  • Water supply

If you have any questions of if we can be of further help, please do not hesitate to call or email. If you would like a K&K representative to visit your home and/or site, please call the office to set up an appointment at your convenience.

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